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I like cancelled plans and empty bookstores. I like rainy days. thunderstorms. Quiet coffee shops as well. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings. When my thoughts are overflowing I like to write it down and that's where I found satisfaction when those ideas are converted to words. Welcome to my world!

Thanks for the hint

March 28, 2018 Wednesday Officially need to stop my feelings for you… not because I don’t like you anymore but because I like you that I understand where you can be happy. I will be your friend dont worry.. Advertisements

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I like you even more…

It is easy for me to rhyme if I am not doing fine but at this point of time I can’t find my own mine. Right now rhyme is out of the game probably because destiny and fate are so … Continue reading

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February 14, 2017 Never knew I am with you this very day. For the longest time February 14 is just a normal day for me. No expectation no pressure. For single in status like me it doesn’t excite me much … Continue reading

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When everything is silent and the only thing loud is what running on your mind. When everything is at peace and the only thing on war is your thoughts. When every light is turned off and only thing shining are … Continue reading

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Same old feeling

And I found again myself on the same shit. Hopeless romantic as they say but truth behind that is the same shitty feeling you’re in over and over again. No changes. No changes. No changes At first you will get … Continue reading

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One week to remember

Day 1: The feels of excitement but at the same wanted to avoid him. When you recognize that he makes your heart flutter. Monday: First day of work week. As expected you will see him. I was waiting for the … Continue reading

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To feel or not to feel

Highkey liking you but tyrna be lowkey I certainly like you officially but at the same time it feels weird. Same feeling when I like someone but what differs now is that I didn’t see it coming that it will … Continue reading

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