Because I don’t have a love story to tell


Is love story defines as a story of two people crazy madly in love with each other? A Relationship? Two way romantic melodrama?

I think that’s how love story is perfectly defined. If that is the case then should I say don’t have a love story to tell?

It was always a one sided love. Started from knowing the basics of him. We got to know each other and friendship starts. I fell for his uniqueness and started to keep it as a secret within myself. That’s were the sleepless nights starts. When I am trying to build scenes on my mind with him but fighting the feeling because I’m afraid that its only me building it and might not happen. Somehow confusion starts and I am in between of friends or lovers? Too weak to say things how amazing the fire burning in my heart every time I am with you.

Scared to tell the truth pretention starts. Pretend like nothing, pretend that we normally good as friends and keeping the composure of no emotions. That’s when hurt and pain came along. At first I was not aware why I am feeling those stabbing pricking fucking pain and I realized it was because I like you that much but don’t have a strong heart to tell you everything. He was giving me mixed signals but won’t proceed.

And I was stuck alone. In a dark empty feeling. Trying to move on but was hard because it was not clear why I am moving on.

Well pretty similar to any love story only difference it was only my story not OUR STORY. So is it safe to say that I don’t have a love story to tell?


About sarangyoew

I like cancelled plans and empty bookstores. I like rainy days. thunderstorms. Quiet coffee shops as well. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings. When my thoughts are overflowing I like to write it down and that's where I found satisfaction when those ideas are converted to words. Welcome to my world!
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